Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ship life while steaming

All the clouds are gone and the sky's particularly blue at the moment. With its reflection on the ocean surface, it blends everything in a monochromatic atmosphere. We are smoothly steaming towards the first station (we'll be there sometime on monday Jan 11), which sets the beginning of this research voyage.

I'm slowing getting used to my watch schedule, which is 2 PM to 2 AM, so it's good that we still have some time before everything starts, as things will get really busy by then. It usually takes me quite "a few" days before I'm comfortable in the right shift (on one of my previous cruises, I never got used to that.. I literally fell asleep everywhere, all of a sudden! even standing up.. haha!!). At the moment, I'm still a little bit jet lagged, so I usually wake up at 3:00 AM, 5:00, 6:30, then at 7:30 I finally give up.

Yesterday night it was a lot of fun with some other students and postdocs: we played ping-pong (you basically have 2 opponents: the human on the opposite side of the table and the waves), watched really dumb tv shows and ate an embarrassing amount of food. Honestly, it's not that bad if you eat a lot (that's what I tell to myself, of course..): I spend most of the hours walking around the boat and up and down the stairs between 4 or more decks. Plus: I do usually spend a considerable amount of time at the gym (yes! we do have a gym on the ship :-) ), running on the treadmill while watching "Doctor Who" (my favorite show), weight lifting, skipping the rope, boxing with weighted gloves or simply trying to gracefully do some yoga (I think I left the grace at home, though..).

So far, I haven't spotted any animals, but I reckon I should ask the marine mammal and bird observers aboard if I missed something out.. Uhm.. I'm expecting to see much more animal activity once we are closer to the islands. I can't wait!!

I claimed a really good spot in the lab where a bunch of us have set up their own computers and cameras: below is a photo I took yesterday of the sunset, seen from the porthole above my desk. What do you think? Did I chose right? ;-)

Ciao from 34 deg 21' S, 110 deg 26' E.

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